Triads: The Foundation of Transformational Practice by Mike Block

Most of us dove into the deep end of the Enneagram and found ourselves immersed in the details of our type.  It can be overwhelming and hard to tread water as we try to change the pattern.  Taking a look at the triads: our heart, mind, and body, can give us clues about how we got so immersed in an automatic pattern and how we can get free.  Understanding the connectedness of these three key parts, how they function and support each other will open a door to long-term change. We will discuss ways to open up an inner conversation to get all of our parts to cooperate in any change we take on.  The foundation for this work will be making space, and having compassion for what we find.  Along with the traditional descriptions of the triads, we will also explore some alternative perspectives.  Come join in this interactive conversation at the conference!   See you in San Antonio!

Mike Block

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