Have you ever thought, “Why do I do what I do?” When it comes to decision making – are you ruled by your heart, your head or your gut? All three play a factor, and one will dominate your personality and influence the way you view the world. Much has been presented around the Enneagram, but little has been presented to show the system in a more accessible form using easy English and info-graphics. For many, including corporations, the Enneagram is considered too complex, too text heavy, negative in its connotation, filled with psychological jargon. The WID Factor – Why I Do What I Do has taken the complex theories of Enneagram’s personality types and translated them into an easy-to understand methodology which introduces a three-step practice to personal freedom. This practice helps you to recognize and further understand your path of purpose. Through a workshop style, using adult learning practices we will:

Overlay theory and practice so as to more deeply integrate self awareness;

Discover the WID Factor methodology;

Be introduced to and participate in the three step practice to freedom of choice; and

Reflect upon and state our own personal path of purpose.

Patrick Kayrooz


2017 IEA Global Conference

San Antonio, Texas, USA

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