Image of ©iEnneagram Training and Certification Marshall, MI-June 2018
Note from Clare-
On our best day we are a mixed bag of inherant greatness and acquired grime. 
Be kind. Be courageous.
Have you ever thought that Enneagram students are kind warriors? I do all the time. These are brave people who are willing to work with what is beautiful and messy in themselves and others. This last week, I had the privilege to train students from Poland, Canada, Hawaii and all over the Continental US in the ©iEnneagram and Motions of the Soul.These new friends have marked me with their inherent greatness and their courage to face into their acquired grime!
IEA Great Lakes has several ways you can continue as an Enneagram student.
NEXT Wednesday, June 20th
Don’t miss this month’s IEA GREAT LAKES Midday Cafe with Prolific, World Renown Enneagram Author and Teacher Ginger Lapid-Bogda. Ginger will be talking to us about her newest book, The Art of Typing-
“Demystify the Enneagram typing process with “The Art of Typing.” Unlike any other Enneagram book, it contains illuminating illustrations, targeted differentiating questions, color infographics of the 9 Ego structures and more.”
Have you been to the unique Enneagram Spectrum Training and certification with Dr. Jerome Wagner and Kathryn Grant? There’s still time to register for either the June 25-29 or July 14-18 trainings.
July is right around the corner. Are you still thinking about THE IEA GLOBAL CONFERENCE?
I am registered along with several of our IEA Great Lakes friends. We are experiencing a time of growing in self-awareness of our inherent greatness and courage to face our acquired grime! If you register, consider joining us for a meal. Just send GLR Board Member Erica Vinson a note at the IEA GLR email and she will help hook us up!
Every blessing,
Clare Loughrige, IEA Great Lakes President