Following the creative group euphoria that occurs in a new Enneagram Community, disenchantment is experienced. Community “cracks” develop when our personality dynamics arise with their assumptions, `shoulds,’ and “have to’s,” and as our interactions with our instinctual drives lead us to perceive ourselves as “not getting something I want/need,” or “not liking something.” This is a painful place, accompanied with reactivity and often gossip of a destructive nature. People split away, others are marginalized, or a `vote’ can silence voices.

The time of creative `euphoria’ is the ideal time for core values to be explored within the group, with the Enneagram’s three-centred awareness. These embodied values are the groundwork for functioning in accordance with our ideals, especially when the `going gets tough.’ We may share similar values such as `support’ or `respect’ – what do these values mean to us and how do they look in everyday life especially at times of discord, and resistance? The practice of applying these core values helps us deepen our individual and community commitment and activate collaboration.

Participants groups will identify their core values and clarify the everyday embodied applications of these values. This sets the foundation for collaboration when community struggles are experienced.

Penny Whillans


2018 IEA Global Conference

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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