Do you want to get better at helping people identify their Enneagram types more accurately? Then you know that “getting your type right” matters, and here’s why:

Discovering type supports accurate self-observation

Mistyped people pay attention to the wrong things

Deep psychological and spiritual development is directly connected to type

Wrong type means the wrong development path

Interactions with others improve from knowing your type and theirs

Mistyped people misunderstand or misinterpret their own impact on others

People need to have themselves typed accurately to teach type to others

Minimally, mistyped teachers will teach two types incorrectly: the teacher’s real type and the type they think they are

This dynamic, interactive program will enlarge your understanding of type and expand your capacity to guide others. First will be the exploration of how and why Enneagram type is neither personality nor character structure. Type is Ego structure in 9 variations. Next, you’ll refine your skills at being able to ask insightful differentiating questions to help others (or yourself) clarify the subtle and obvious differences between types. Finally, you’ll engage in experiential activities that increase your capacity to sense, read, and interpret verbal and non-verbal cues as they relate to type.

Ginger Lapid-Bogda
Andrea Isaacs


2018 IEA Global Conference

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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