The Enneagram is an incredible window into our personality, but understanding ourselves fully involves looking at the myriad of influences that make us who we are, such as character, socioeconomic background, family environment, and culture. Along with our individual Enneagram type, our cultures can be typed as well. Led by facilitators whose lives have crossed continents, this session will investigate the influence of participants’ dominant national cultures on the expression of their personality type. Understanding the often-overlooked impact of culture is a wonderful way of deepening our inner work and reaching a compassionate understanding of people from different backgrounds. Through interactive exercises and discussion, participants will examine the aspects of themselves that were encouraged and undervalued in their cultures of origin, as well as the gifts that their culture brings them. While our Enneagram type is a core aspect of our identity, the ways that we can or cannot express it within culture are an important part of our growth journey which will be explored in this session.

Melanie Bell
Chloe Keric-Eli


2018 IEA Global Conference

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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