IEA GREAT LAKES August 2018 News

Notes from Clare Louridge РPresident of the IEA Great Lakes Chapter

This has been a wonderful month of discovery. Before the IEA Conference, we met with IEA Chapter Affiliates from around the world: Mexico, Spain, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Egypt, Korea, Argentina, and Australia! It was beautiful, worldwide brilliance!

“Complaining is enormously satisfying, but what are we doing to fix the world?” -Peter Block

Our keynote speaker, Peter Block, opened with these words and they stayed with us. The conference was packed with letting go of complaining words and working to build bridges in community. We hope you can make plans to join us for next year’s conference, Foundations for the Future-July 25-28, 2019.

This month, join us for our August Midday Café with Gut types!

These 8/9/1 peeps will give us a window into Gut intelligence. Harmony Triads tell us everyone has access to gut wisdom. It may be dismissed or undernourished, but it’s there! Join us and keep opening up to harmony! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER¬†

We are thrilled to announce that September’s Midday Caf√© will explore the topic-

Christianity’s Conflicted Relationship with the Enneagram

I shared in a roundtable discussion with Liz Jackson and Christopher Heuertz at the IEA Global Conference. We are excited to bring you a continued conversation with the same Enneagram professionals including IEA Conference Chair, Jan Shegda! Registration will open soon for the September 19th Midday Café. Bring your thoughts and questions!

We hope you’ll keep us on your calendar for the 3rd Wednesday of every month.

October’s Midday Caf√© will bring us the wisdom of Leslie Hershberger! We’ll tell you more about that next month.