In workshops all over the world we are commonly asked by parents/grandparents, what about my daughter, my son? This happens in our corporate training sessions and in small personal coaching sessions.

When, exactly, does type begin to form? And why or how does it become set? Is there a specific age where we should begin to explore this with our children, our grandchildren? Do we, can we, influence type?

You know who you are. You found the beauty, power and mystery of enneagram. And, because you are here, doing the work, you are a beautiful, well-rounded, loving being. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to start your children on this journey of self-discovery and understanding?

This workshop will help you explore these questions and how to best approach your child about the enneagram. Additionally, prior to our workshop, we encourage parents to have their children go to and take the character test. Each child is assigned a unique, gender specific avatar that relates to their type. Adults are welcome to take the character test too.

This workshop will be experiential with discussion and presentation.


Deborah A. Ooten
Cathryn Siegel Hudson


2019 IEA Global Conference

Oakland, California, USA


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