Discovering Your Soul Child. Pablo Picasso said, “it took me four years to learn to paint like Raphael and a lifetime to paint like a child.” Picasso’s statement underscores the difficulty and ultimate importance of re-inhabiting our soul child.

A.H. Almaas and Sandra Maitri have referenced the soul child as the psychological structure sealed in our past who embodies our truest nature. What if we could access this deeply buried, unconditioned being? Through lecture, story, video presentations, small interactive groups, and specially designed exercises, participants learn how to access their inner child of the past … and our purest soul qualities before the full emergence of ego.

Get ready for what many participants have described as “a life-shifting experience.” Yes, gradually you will privately and safely enter the space of your soul child. Many experience the exact sensations, wonder, perceptions, and emotions of their soul child, whose qualities were sealed in the past. Through inner-communication with our soul child, we experience presence. Implications of these powerful methods for personality integration and spiritual wholeness are explored as foundational, as we imagine the personal and collective future.

Joseph Benton Howell


2019 IEA Global Conference

Oakland, California, USA

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