The best foundation for the future is the ability to create conscious relationships; whether they are intimate partnerships, work colleagues, or friendships. Today we face a crisis of connection. In political gridlock, high rates of suicide and addiction, and wars around the world, we see increasingly entrenched problems stemming from our inability to connect deeply and compassionately with each other.

The presenters will discuss ways the Enneagram can be used to achieve more conscious communication between people to enhance mutual understanding and stronger connections. After talking about the strengths and challenges of the 9 personalities when relating to others, in terms of center of intelligence, type, and subtype factors, they will demonstrate how we can work through relationship issues by asking for volunteers from the audience to share real examples of relational dilemmas. Each volunteer will describe a relationship challenge they are having with someone, choose a person of that type from the audience to play the role of their partner or friend, and with the help of the two presenters as real-time coaches, work through an actual relationship issue. Through this live demonstration, we will explore the ways Enneagram insights can clarify relationship-building conversations and support more conscious connections.


Beatrice Chestnut
Amy Ream


2019 IEA Global Conference

Oakland, California, USA


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