Exploring cutting edge research in the field of Positive Psychology and Neuroscience, it is imperative to balance the Enneagram of Personality with a strengths based approach.

The Enneagram stands proudly in the spiritual tradition, brought into the professional world through psychology and developed into the modern Enneagram we know today. Generations of researchers and practitioners have added contributions and continued the enhancement of this framework. This has shifted the Enneagram from being a map of fixation and dysfunction, to a strengthsbased framework. Rather than asking “what makes us suffer?”, this approach asks “what makes us strong? What makes us succeed?” This presentation is grounded in science and practical application for individuals and practitioners.

Explore the results of recent research conducted with thousands of Enneagram users, linking the Types to universal strengths

frameworks and validating the Enneagram against established norms.

We will share case studies of Enneagram strengths-based interventions in organisations, and coaching interventions.

Demonstrating best practices and results.

A group exploration of Enneagram-based strengths to get active and share your insights. Explore personal strengths through a

new lens, and link the Enneagram Types to other constructs.

Dirk Cloete


2019 IEA Global Conference

Oakland, California, USA

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