Facilitated by Leslie Hershberger & Curt Micka
Featuring Panelists:
Beatrice Chestnut, Russ Hudson, Peter O’Hanrahan and Mario Sikora

What are the Instincts & Subtypes in the world of the Enneagram?
Are Instincts and Subtypes the same thing or different?
Why am I so confused about my dominant Instinct/Subtype?
Are my behaviors reflective of my dominant Type or my dominant Instinct/Subtype?
How do I distinguish between the two? Is it important to do so?
How do our Instincts/Subtypes impact our personal and professional relationships?
These are but a few of the questions we’ll be exploring in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 3-4, 2020.

Through their own study, teaching and facilitation, each of these teachers has emerged as a leader in the field of Instincts/Subtypes.

This exploration is less about determining a definitive right or wrong view on the Instinctual Subtypes but instead an understanding of distinctions with the different views and an emphases on personal growth in self-awareness, interpersonal awareness and awareness of how these instincts drive our collective evolution.
Our Moderators, Leslie Hershberger and Curt Micka, lead the interviews with the panelists.


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