When Ann Franke quipped, “How wonderful it is nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world,”she could never have imagined being quoted. Or that she would be one of the most mentioned women during National Women’s History Month! Her words, like many other women, have contributed to our desire to become our best selves.
Who are the women in your life that have helped you become yourself? Some teachers are from afar and others’ physical or spiritual DNA is in our bones. Take a moment to bring a woman who improved your life into your consciousness. Now spend a few moments to receive her into your heart with gratitude.
The strength and grace of those who’ve gone before us can nourish us in this present moment.
This month we will interview a remarkable woman who is an IEA/GLR Board member, Darlene Taylor. In addition to her multiple degrees and certifications, (including the Enneagram) she is a Intercultural Development expert who will offer us a way to see ourselves in the work of loving our neighbors as we love ourselves and improving our world right where we are. Register here for the free Zoom gathering.
What if we could bring our culture and Enneagram gifts to unite us rather than divide us? We needn’t wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.
All blessings,
IEA-GLR President
PS Check out last month’s Midday with Suzanne Dion about the book she co-wrote with Dr. David Daniels it’s phenomenal and it’s right here on our YouTube Channel.