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Building Leadership Brand – Meeting the Demands of a New Decade Now

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What is my Leadership Brand? What do I want to be known for? What impact do I want to have as a leader? This session provides you with the opportunity to discover, build and strengthen your own Leadership Brand and refine and tailor your impact [...]

From the Past to the Future: The Enneagram Pathway to a Quantum Universe

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[NO RECORDING] In this workshop we explore a new mindset using the Enneagram and Quantum thought to solve our problems and transport us to a reality that truly exists and which we rarely perceive. This map can move us from awareness based on a mechanistic, [...]

Changing Culture – The Enneagram at Work

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Culture change occurs when people in an organization acknowledge that they need to change the way in which they work together to more effectively support the organization's success and progress. Although recognized as an approach in supporting people to better understand their own drives and [...]