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How to Serve 9 Elephants in Digestible, Enjoyable Bite-Sizes – 10 Tips to Making Our Audiences Laugh, Cry and Want to Start the Enneagram Journey

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[NO RECORDING] We know the Enneagram is amazing, awesome, life-changing, etc. Our audiences don't necessarily share our deep-felt passion for the subject. Surprising, but unfortunately true. What have I learned as a teacher/trainer during my 15 years of full time involvement with this love of [...]

How to Introduce the Enneagram to the Business Community

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[NO RECORDING] Come and be inspired to take this powerful tool to business people! Marika has used the Enneagram for over ten years in her full-time work as a corporate trainer and coach. During this session she will demonstrate lots of practical tools (powerpoint, etc.) [...]

The Happy Enneagram! – A Fresh Approach to Embracing the Essence of Who We Are

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[NO RECORDING] What happens when you combine leading-edge brain studies, modern learning psychology, spirituality, one's purpose in life and the Holy Ideas and the Virtues of each Enneagram type? This is a wonderfully uplifting workshop for all of us Enneagram enthusiasts. It allows us to [...]

From Magic to Miracles – Transforming Our Communication Skills by Synchronizing Our Interrelational Instinctual Body Language

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[NO RECORDING] Our personal instinctual focus has a major impact on our daily choices; in the way we act, think, feel and ultimately express ourselves. It is also clearly demonstrated in our body language. And that in itself has a direct effect on the ways [...]