Enneagram Applications Training & Certification Pgm

Module 2

Presented By:
  • Lynda Roberts
  • Nan Henson
Thu Nov 03, 2022  -  Sun Nov 06, 2022


Are you currently using the Enneagram in your work and life, or wanting to?  Could you use a more solid Enneagram foundation and an Enneagram Certification?  If yes, this program is for you!

This Enneagram Applications Training and Certification Program provides a deep and thorough understanding of the Enneagram and an exploration of how to apply this rich and powerful knowledge in your life and profession.  This program is especially geared toward Therapists, Counselors, Coaches Spiritual Directors, HR Professionals, and anyone who is wanting a deeper experiential understanding of the Enneagram.  “

Module 1:  September 22-25, 2022

Module 1: November 3-6, 2022

"Nan Henson and Lynda Roberts illuminated the Enneagram and taught with gentle presence unlike anyone else I’ve had the benefit of learning from. The way they each embodied the concepts while teaching added a layer of nuance that helped me connect more deeply with many facets of the Enneagram system. More than just teaching about ideas, though, they helped me tap into the human element—that is so varied and complex—in a fresh and unexpected way. Learning from them alongside an open-hearted cohort enlightened my own life journey, helped me grow in compassion and empathy, and gave me new wisdom for my work as a spiritual director."

"Enneagram Applications is less a program, more a garden to gently deprogram and illuminate the wisdom within you.  Nan and Lynda breathe the dry bones of Enneagram theory to vivid, visceral life, starting with the seeds of your own story. You won’t just learn the Enneagram… you’ll live it, right in the here and now."

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