Enneagram for Recovery Workshop

For People in 12-Step Recovery to Grow using NEW tools

Presented By:
  • Jenner Kay
Tue Sep 06, 2022


Sep 6-Nov 22, 2022; Tuesdays 5:30-7pm Pacific

Format: We will apply one Enneagram tool per Step based on my book The Enneagram for Recovery.

We will study and learn how to apply new Enneagram tools by reading from The Enneagram for Recovery, chapter by chapter. By sharing in an intimate group online, we’ll really see life from other perspectives—and be able to adapt them to our own best way of being.

What other Participants have said:

"Seeing real people helped the Enneagram come alive and make sense.
I could pick from a smorgasbord of tools! Helped me see my blind spots.
Condensed, helpful. Dramatic!"

What you’ll need ahead of starting the workshop:
1. Purchase my book The Enneagram for Recovery available from Amazon and Books, Inc. You won’t have to read it all ahead of time—just the first 2 chapters—after that, we’ll read it together.
2. You should have a starting idea of which Enneagram type you most identify with. You may take the quiz in my book or take a free online quiz from EclecticEnergies or commercial ones from iEQ9 or RHETI. Still unsure? I offer typing interviews, so contact me at EnneagramJenn@gmail.com

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Sep 6-Nov 22, 2022; Tuesdays 5:30-7pm Pacific Cost for 12 weeks: $216

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