The Nine Types of Men in Literature and Film

Exploring the Ways Men Develop Character and Values

Presented By:
  • Dale Rhodes, M.S., M.A.
Fri Sep 02, 2022  -  Fri Jun 02, 2023


Our Best Man: Exploring the Ways Men Develop Character and Values
September 2022 thru June 2023: Men from All Walks of Life and Time Zones Are Welcome

The Nine Types of Men in Literature, Film and Community

Experience how all types of men show us how we can be our best man and more fully hu-man. 

Each type’s focus and dynamics may provide wisdom on what supports or thwarts our own development as men.
We may find benefit in being in right measure with our own way and the ways of other healthy men,
and then find our way closer to Being Our Best Man.

10 Online Sessions September thru June: Choose One
1st Thursday Evenings 6:30-8:30pm Pacific/ 7:30-9:30 Mtn (open) 
1st Friday Afternoons 2pm to 4pm Pacific/  5-7 Eastern (open)
1st Friday Mornings 10am-Noon Pacific (currently running for experienced students)
Deep learning and change happens over time and in continuous community. 

Discover the universal themes accessible and applicable to us all on the journey of being men.  Expand your community of friends who talk type, character development, arts, literature, men and modern masculinity.  

This is a course on The Humanities and Being a Man, using the Nine Types as its foundation and direction. The Enneagram is a map to universal inner and outer territories.  While we often gravitate to certain regions, we visit them all daily throughout our lives. Join this program to find and experience where the map is leading you; all through an exploration of amazing characters and meaningful themes in great film and literature.

These are small group explorations (10 people, 10 times) on themes found amongst the Nine Types, using specific literature and film to enhance our understanding of ourselves and others as men. The book or movie may offer a character who generally exemplifies an Enneagram Type, or it may explore themes that relate to an Enneagram Type's area of attention, motivations and life themes, vice to virtue conversion, or paths to disintegration and development.  Because we have all points of view available to us, most participants each month have found something relevant, moving and meaningful to address in their own lives.  The map of the Enneagram and good art can help us gain deeper understanding of universal life themes and meaningful existence.  Of special interest to this group will be discussions on how our type may help or hinder being our best man, and if other ways of being may be accessible to us more easily as we grow and change.  

Visit and join us from any time zone or walk of life! 
That is part of the beauty of all literature..
You discover that your longings are universal longings,
that you're not lonely and isolated from anyone.
You belong.   

​F. Scott Fitzgerald

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