The Zen of Type Four

Navigating the Agony & Ecstasy of the Deep Self

Presented By:
  • Michael Naylor
Sat Oct 29, 2022  -  Sun Oct 30, 2022


This is a two-day deep dive into the world of Type Four, the Agony, Ecstasy, and the Challenges, and the way out of the Four Labyrinth. Scholarship: $175, Early Bird $225, after Oct 1, $250.

About This Event:

This workshop will navigate the heights and depths of the Type Four: the sorrow, the deep sensitivity, the powerful Inner Critic, the joy and resurrection of the artistic and compassionate self, the confusion and challenge of articulating one's inner experience, the type Four trances of suffering and misunderstanding, and the doorways to freedom. We will explore the passion, fixation, essential quality, virtue, holy idea, the levels of health, the instincts and the Type Four, and the pathways to liberation through the lines to Two and Four. What could be more fun!

Michael is a Recovering Type Four with many years of inner work: Gurdjieff Work, Diamond Heart Work, Essence work, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, 40 years of 12 step work, breathwork, a deep journey into Jungian therapy, meditation, yoga, and exercise practices. Not to mention the Forum, Six-Day, and Forum seminars. And for those outliers amongst you--Primal Therapy.

He is Director of the Maine Enneagram Center for Transformation and Well-Being, a former Enneagram Institute Faculty trained by Don Riso and Russ Hudson, an IEA Professional Teacher, a CTI Professional Coach, a Licensed Addiction counselor and supervisor, and most certainly, an ordinary human being who trips and falls with the best of them.

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