The Enneagram Of Eternal Truths

Working With The Holy Ideas

Presented By:
  • Dale Bially
Thu Oct 05, 2023  -  Thu Jun 27, 2024


“The Holy Ideas are not about changing your mind, but changing your perspective.” 

The word “holy” comes from the word “whole”. To be “whole” is to be complete. Our ongoing work with the enneagram begins a process of cracking open the crust that has formed around our Essence Selves. Touching this essence gives us a taste of what wholeness can feel like.  When we touch it, we crave to find different ways of opening more.

In order for us to begin understanding the Holy Ideas of the enneagram, we must open our minds to the interconnectedness of humans and the rest of the universe. In our opening to that which is greater than us, we start to touch the eternal truths of this life.

Claudio Naranjo named the nine ways we close off as “fixations” and through our use of the enneagram we can see how distorted our views of life have become.

Over nine months we will explore the wisdom within each of the Holy Ideas.  Through this exploration each eternal truth will remind us of why we are here on this Earth.

“Remember who you are, and what you came here to share”

-       Donna Gruhlke


DATES: Thursday Mornings: October 5, November 2, December 7, 2023, January 4, February 1, March, April 4, May 2, 30, June 27, 2024

TIME: 10:00 am until noon - Central Time

FEES: The fee for each class is $55. This can be paid in advance or at each class. A discounted fee is available for those in need. You can also pay for this workshop for one full payment.

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In-Person: 47 Bronstone Blvd. Winnipeg

Zoom: This group gathers in person in Winnipeg. Anyone wishing to attend from outside of Winnipeg can join through Zoom.
Limited to 8 participants


Call Dale at 204-229-7755


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