The Enneagram of True Voice

Discover the Potential of Your True Voice

Presented By:
  • Ingrid Hurwitz
  • Robert Hutchinson
Fri Jul 05, 2024  -  Sun Jul 07, 2024
The Royal Foundation of St Katharines


“To speak the truth, one must know what the truth is and what a lie is, and first of all, in oneself.”
~ G.I. Gurdjieff

Join leading Enneagram experts Robert Hutchinson and Ingrid Hurwitz from 5th to 7th July in London for a transformational retreat designed to help you discover the uniqueness of your own true voice. The retreat combines the ancient Egyptian philosophy that underpins the Enneagram with the latest trauma science to guide you on a time-tested journey of personal integration.
You’ll experience the clarity and harmony that comes from understanding how each centre of intelligence communicates through your unique Enneagram pattern, enabling you to walk a path towards healing, growth and self-attunement. Set at the beautiful Royal Foundation of St. Katharine in London, this retreat offers new Enneagram teachings that will enable you act in service of your authentic truth by recovering your lost voice.
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Price: £594*
Dates: 5th to 7th July
Venue: The Royal Foundation of St Katharine, London, England
*Price includes teaching, lunch and refreshments. Travel and accommodation is not included.
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