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Enneagram Empowerment School

Sponsored By: Delbar Niroushak

Based In:

  • City: Tehran
  • ZIP / Postal Code:
  • Country: Iran

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Accredited Training Programs:
Enneagram School Description:

The Enneagram Empowerment School is located in Tehran-Iran.

Accredited Training Programs:

  • Personal Development with the Enneagram (part one of the T.O.T.)
    • Sic day course/48 hours + 16 hours teamwork based on topics delivered/ No pre-requisites./Certificate of Completion provided
  • Master Trainer Program with the Enneagram (part 3 of the T.O.T.)
    • 5 day course/40 hours/ Pre-requisites: Completion of "Personal Development with the Enneagram" training program and the "Interviewing Skills and Managing Panels with the Enneagram" workshop./Certificate of Completion


T.O.T. Certification: The project requested as an assignment from each TOT participant in order to pass the qualification and become an Enneagram Trainer:

  1. At the end of the program each person must deliver an "Enneagram related presentation" in order to be scored on their way of delivering a course and be able to get a high score from the audience based on our "Teaching ScoreCard."
  2. Each participant must video 3 typing sessions and 2 panel interviewing and send it tot he school for scoring and based on any score that they achieve they receive a feedback.
  3. Each participant must attend at least 2 to 3 sessions of any previous trainers in order to have a case study to give and to receive feedback to the trainer on their self-development and to learn from one another.
  4. Each participant must come up with their Training Plan and their process of bringing the best of the Enneagram to the world as their mission in their trainings.


  • Interviewing Skills and Managing Panels (2 days) (part 2 of the T.O.T.)
  • Change Management with the Enneagram (2 days)
  • Communication Skills with the Enneagram (3 days)
  • Team Dynamic with the Enneagram (4 days)