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Enneagram Coaching Center Mexico

Sponsored By: Adelaida Harrison

Based In: Ciudad de México D.F. 01790 Mexico

Accredited Training Programs:
Accredited Instructors:
  • Adelaida Harrison
  • Andrea Vargas
  • Maria Cecilia Zanoni
Enneagram School Description:

Located in Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

Accredited Training Programs include:

Enneagram Certification

  • Program 1: Basic Enneagram: Basic characteristics of the Nine personalities; 24 hours in weekly sessions of 2 hours; 12 weeks, offered 4 times a year
  • Program 2: Advanced Enneagram: Disintegration of the different Personalities; 24 hours; in weekly sessions of 2 hours; 12 weeks, offered 2 times a year
  • Program 3: Subtypes: How personalities manifest themselves through different instincts; 24 hours in weekly sessions of 2 hours; 12 weeks, offered twice a year
  • Program 4: Enneagram Applications: Ways to use the Enneagram in your life and relationships; 24 hours; in weekly sessions of 2 hours; 12 weeks, offered once a year.

Certificate of Completion, after completing the 4 Enneagram Training programs.

Certification Module as Enneagram Teacher

It will be offered once a year. 24 hours in monthly sessions which include coaching sessions to accompany the student in the development of materials.

Having completed and accredited the 4 Enneagram Training programs

Review of the different schools and trends of the Enneagram
Pedagogy and support materials to teach.
Preparation of support material
Deliver your curricula to teach.

Most programs are delivered in Mexico City or at distance by zoom platform.
Certification is offered to all groups that complete training.

Other Workshops Offered:

PARENTS: Intensive Workshops: 4 hours each;

  • PARENTS: Developing emotional intelligence in my children; 12 sessions Workshops (2 hours each)
  • Workshops for children: (2 hours each);
  • Workshops for teenagers: Presentations: (2 hours each)
  • Intensive Enneagram based workshops for parents and families: (4 hours each)

What is my personality style?
Verbal, non-verbal communication and blind spots
Personal relationships
Finance, how to achieve financial freedom
Conflict resolution in family
Decision making for kids
Strategic planning of my life.
Emotional intelligence.
Effective feedback for each personality style
Creation of high performance teams