Sponsored By: Chloé Keric-Eli

Based In: Montreal QC Canada

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Accredited Training Programs:
    Cycle 1- Technicien Enneagramme
    Cycle 2- Practicien Enneagramme
    Cycle 3- Coach (or) Formateur/Trainer Enneagramme
Accredited Training Programs:

Enneagram School Description:

Dixit Ennéagramme offers the first fully IEA Accredited Enneagram professional training in French, through 3 Accredited Training Programs: Bases, Technicien and Professional Specialization (Coach or Trainer).

  1. Cycle 1 - "Bases Ennéagramme" (6x2-days workshops, 84h total)
  2. Cycle 2 - "Technicien Ennéagramme" (6x2-days workshop, 110h homework, 10h of teleconferences, 204h total)
  3. Cycle 3 - "Formateur Ennéagramme" (2x3-days workshop, 55h homework, 5h of teleconferences, 100h total)