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Map and Territory Professional Enneagram Training

Sponsored By: Jutka Freiman

Based In:

  • City: Bondi Beach
  • ZIP / Postal Code: 2026
  • Country: Australia

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Training Program Description:

Based in Sydney Australia, this 8 day training is comprehensive and application oriented.

We offer a broad introduction to a variety of Enneagram theories with a deep inquiry into Type Structure, Centres of Intelligence and Subtype material. We explore integration practices, Virtues and liberation into Holy Ideas.

The training is largely experiential with a focus on both personal integration and professional application.

Participants are supported in honing their skills for efficient and competent typing interviews and the delivery of introductory courses in the Enneagram.

This program provides a comprehensive Enneagram education.

Training Goals:

Gain a strong foundation of the Enneagram as a whole map of transformation. 

Identify and utilize the experience of the Enneagram for personal growth.

Teach the Enneagram in professional settings.

Ability to identify and facilitate the gifts and challenges of type structures.

Build confidence and expertise in applying the Enneagram in a variety of professional settings.

Stages 1 and 2 (Days 1-4) are an introduction to the Enneagram and an intensive exploration of type structure. There is no pre-requisite for attendance.

Stages 3 and 4 (Days 5-8) are for Trainees only. These days are both instructional and experiential, with Day 8 being devoted to the demonstration of knowledge, competency and application of the Enneagram by trainees to the work most relevant to their practice.

Program Contents
Days 1-4
History and purpose of the Enneagram System
Introduction to- 3 Centres of Intelligence and 9 Styles of temperament
Family of origin influences on type structure
Challenges and gifts of each type structure
A path of growth from reactive and defensive strategies to the capacity to respond from an essential awareness
Instinctual Subtypes and their profound impact on type
Virtues and Holy Idea- Guidance for growth beyond type

Days 5-8 (Accreditation trainees only)
A synthesis of current research and theory on Enneagram
Designing and giving Typing Interviews

Additional Information:

Content of Training Program
Stage #1: Interview Determine personal/professional goals
Stage #2 Introduction History Purpose Personality vs Temperament 3 centres, wings Panel Work- 3 centers
Stage #3- Advanced Enneagram Defense Mechanisms Attachment, Hornovian, Harmonic Triads
Impact of type/type bias, Family of Origin on type Growth and development stage 1. Panel Work 8-9-1-2
Stage #4 -Advanced Enneagram Communication
Stage #5 -Subtypes-27
Stage 6# Assessment