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The Business Practitioner of Enneagram

Sponsored By: Wang Ting Hong

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  • City: 中山市
  • ZIP / Postal Code:
  • Country: China

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Training Program Description:

Dr. Wang Ting Hong

Zhongshan Guangdong, China

This program is 11 days, 82 hours, and is held in 3 multiple events. (the academic training hours do not include the time for assignments, nor the time for tutoring students and following up the submission of their reports)

Stage 1- no pre-requisites

Stage 2- must complete Stage 1

Stage 3- must complete Stages 1 & 2


Stage 1 Course objectives:

1. Describe the characteristics and differences between the nine types of personality in an all-round way through the VAK mode of vision, hearing and feeling;

2. Have an insight into their own personalities, and quickly master the skills of identifying the personality types of others;

3. Understand the communication taboos between people of different personalities and themselves, avoiding the delivery of wrong message;

4. Analyze the inertial communication modes of the nine different personalities and have a good command of their core communication skills;

Stage 2: Review the contents learnt in the first stage; gain new knowledge through reviewing the old;

Master the basic applicable theories in modern Personality Psychology and combine the theories with enneagram;

Master effective emotion management strategies in response to different personalities on the basis of core theories in enneagram;

Be able to handle primary emotion management case independently in terms of basic emotional treatment programs and interventions;

Be familiar with the leadership skills in enneagram so as to improve the overall performance in the team and build a harmonious group.

Stage 3: Reinforce the learning outcomes in the first and second stage; highlight the power of enneagram on the basis of the former stages and psychological techniques of different types;

Make an intensive analysis on the panorama mode when the nine psychological defense mechanism of different personality types, and specifically solve problems with ground-breaking methods;

Explain the intrinsic and core motivation of different personality types in depth, help oneself or others achieve the maximum outcome in psychological health guidance by using the simplest and effective applied psychology skills; Help oneself or others find more effective resources, break through development bottleneck and avoid resource waste by using easy-to-use tools for self-awareness;

Form an organic integration of various psychological skills (including NLP, Clinical Psychology and Body Language) to effectively reinforce the application power of Enneagram

Each of the three stages has a corresponding class practice and after-class report. Only after the students complete the classroom learning as well as the after-class exercises required by the mentors of each stage, can they be allowed to enter the next stage. Students cannot graduate until the three stages are all completed.