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Enneagram Practitioner Training

Sponsored By: Enneagramstedet APS

Based In:

  • City: Roskilde
  • ZIP / Postal Code: 4000
  • Country: Denmark

Accredited Instructors:
  • Claus Roager
  • Susanne Povelsen
Training Program Description:

Roskilde, Denmark.

This program is taught in 5 events/Modules | 10 days |75 hours.

The Practitioner training consists of four 2-day special modules in which you go into depth with specific Enneagram knowledge, from understanding the dynamics of the levels of self-insight to strong tools with the Enneagram in your communication. The training ends with 2 days certification. The program includes personal coaching which is a pre-requisite for Certification. In 2021 we have set up three Practitioner Training Programs - 1 in spring and 2 in autumn.


2 teachers on each module 4 special modules in 2 days 1 certification module of 2 days 4 personal coaching sessions Literature package containing the books "Enneagram's Wisdom", "Personality Types" and Enneagram folders "Conflict Management", "Feedback" and "Communication"

This program is held three timesannually - Two in Roskilde and one in Jutland. So in total we have 3 events(Enneagram Practitoner Edudations)/ with a total duration for 30 days and 225 hours of training.

The pre-requisites for this program:

In order to participate, you must have knowledge of the Enneagram, corresponding to our Basic Education modules 1 and 2 or the equivalent of 4 days of Enneagram training from another Enneagram provider.

This program provides a comprehensive Enneagram education.

This program provides a certificate: Certified Enneagram Practitioner

This certificate requires fieldwork/assessment of mastery: Final Certification Module includes an exam.

Interactive Components:

During this education the participants are divided into small break-out groups discussing different topics provided by the trainers.


To enter our Practitioner education you need to have finalized a Enneagram Basic education.