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Eneatrainer® - Enneagram Trainer Certification Program

Sponsored By AP: Nicolai Cursino

Based In: Mogi das Cruzes São Paulo 08700-000 Brazil

Accredited Instructors:
  • Nicolai Cursino
Training Program Description:

There are many levels of impact and contribution that an Enneagram trainer can provide to his students.
Teaching the Enneagram with the mind transforms minds.
Teaching Enneagram with the heart, transforms hearts.
Teaching the Enneagram with the body, transforms the bodies and places the Enneagram inside the cells.

And there is yet another level. Teach the Enneagram in the previous three ways and in addition, in a fourth way.
Teach the Enneagram by the soul.
An EneaTrainer® must be and teach at all of these levels.
You must have a thorough knowledge of the Enneagram in its multiple dimensions. You must use the Enneagram on yourself every day, in your eternal process of consciousness. You must develop Presence, Acceptance and Compassion above all. He must know how to transmit, provoke and inspire with great competence.
You must honor the Enneagram and be deeply connected to your own Life Purpose and Mission while teaching.

This is the proposal of this intense and qualified program.
The EneaTrainer® Formation will guide you through all these levels.

Interactive Components:


* Training Principles in the Human Development area, including Andragogy and Experiential Education;
* The teaching of the Enneagram through the 3 intelligence centers (body, heart and mind);
* Evaluation of the Enneagram trainer, considering: knowledge and skills as a group trainer and knowledge and skills in Enneagram;
* Enneagram training at its multiple levels (environment, behaviors, skills, beliefs and values, mission, vision and identity) and the alignment of the trainer and his life purpose with all these levels;
* Becoming an instrument of the Sacred Enneagram: alliance, identity and skills;
* Becoming an instrument of the Sacred Enneagram: declaration of ethics and commitment;
* Basic structure and design of an Enneagram training program or that includes the Enneagram as a support or stage. Design of courses, exercises, experiential activities, materials and demonstrations;
* Techniques for discovering Types and Instincts and help with identification questions,
* Techniques for conducting group interview panels, considering Types, Instincts and Subtypes;
* Various strategies and skills for managing the group, its relationships and learning;

* Presentation skills and communication and feedback techniques with students, including the most resistant, different levels of consciousness and projections (meta-mirrors), transfers and possible shortages, considering the types and instincts of teachers and students;
- Multiple (even!) Practices of presentations followed by feedback (trainer and group), with immediate activities for incorporating the learnings before the next practice;
- The "Journey of the Hero" of each trainer, his vision and mission;* EneaTrainer® Development Plan,
* Project presentation and real training;
* Certification Stage: EneaTrainer®


Must have a certificate of basic enneagram studies considering a minimum of 50 hrs presential training. Participants must also watch two of our online on-demand training before coming. Online 1: Types, Instincts and Subtypes (8 sessions - 20 hrs total). Online 2: Arrows & Levels of Consciousness (8 sessions - 20 hrs total). Also, must complete at least 1 module (56 hrs) of our ENEACOACHING certification program (IEA ATP) and submit a pre-certification project, prior to the presential training.