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Enneagram Egypt School Project

Sponsored By AES: Enneagram Egypt

Based In: Cairo Cairo 11111 Egypt

Accredited Instructors:
  • Nataliia Bolshakova
  • Rania Mohamed Hussein
Training Program Description:

Sponsored by IEA Accredited Instructors: Nataliia Bolshakova & Rania Hussein. Enneagram Egypt School Project (EESP) for international private schools in Egypt is aiming to promote conscious teaching, educational psychology, and to spread modern effective ways of pedagogical skills, learning and intelligence. We offer schools a program specially designed to accommodate educational systems and to be implemented in the school environment to help improve the learning process, promote educational success for all students, and to help teachers get higher academic results.

      Teachers’ program includes:

  • Educating material on the Enneagram
  • Practical workshops – studies of students’ cases inside the classroom
  • Group work on classroom dynamics
  • Post educating work and one-to-one/group consulting sessions


  1. Education: 20-hours.
  2. Consultation: 6 days of 1.5-hour one-to-one/group consulting sessions.
  3. Follow-up: Post educating work of teachers continuously during the academic year – collecting observations, case studies and attending consulting sessions. Approximately 2 hours per week, depending on follow-up load.

Students’ program includes:

  • Practical classes
  • Educating material
  • Checking the covered material tasks
  • Panels
  • Discussions and self-observation tasks
  • Working independently and in groups
  • Team-building and leadership activities
  • Techniques to manage Thoughts and Emotions


The outline of the EESP Students’ Program is designed to be applied with students in interactive and edutaining way for 1 academic year, 24 hours, advisably 2 times per week with 1-hour workshop.

Parents’ program includes:

  • Educating material
  • Practical classes
  • Panels
  • Discussions and self-observation tasks
  • Conscious Parent Approach teaching
  • Stages of a child development teaching


  • This is a 20-hour program split on 14 days.
  • Duration of the session – 1.5-2 hours.
  • The session can be online or in person.


Interactive Components:




Personal interaction and coaching