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Inner Work Retreat C - The Alchemical Enneagram

Based In: San Francisco CA United States

Training Program Description:

Annually or every other year in San Francisco, São Paulo, London, Cairo, and Shanghai.

5 days | 40 hours

At this retreat, students continue to deepen their inner growth using different aspects of the Enneagram symbol, Gurdjieffian work, and other sources from wisdom teachings. Students will do profound work on the Enneagram mat, and experience different levels of awareness through meditation and other forms of psycho-spiritual healing work. We will explore any remaining shadow work, energy field management, and ways of accessing the higher emotional center with the Virtues. We will also start exploring the Higher Mental Center and the Holy Ideas. Finally, we will do further work relaxing the defenses mechanisms that hold the personality in place, allowing for different degrees of spiritual experiences. We will work with mysterious elements of the Enneagram diagram as a map of process, including the existential fear and emptiness connected to “the void” symbolized by the gap between points 4 and 5.

Pre-requisites: Inner Work Retreat A Enneagram 2.0 and Inner Work Retreat B The Transformational Enneagram.

Certificate: Certificate of Completion

No fieldwork is required for a Certification of Completion. Fieldwork is required for those participating in Personal Mastery Program.