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Inner Work Retreat A - Enneagram 2.0

Based In: San Francisco CA United States

Training Program Description:

Once (or occasionally twice) a year in San Francisco, São Paulo, London, Cairo, and Shanghai

5 days | 40 hours

This first retreat focuses on learning theory connected to the Enneagram as a profound and accurate map of self-development. We study the Enneagram passions, types, subtypes, and instinctual drives. Then we explore our inner territory through telling brief stories of pivotal, character-shaping moments in our lives. Then we apply the map to the territory and embark on individual journey - specific pieces of inner work designed to address important areas where growth is needed to move forward on the path of development.

There are no pre-requisites, but we do suggest that some introductory Enneagram work be done, especially if the person is new to inner work generally--and we provide links to online introductory material if needed.

Certificate: Certificate of Completion for the course and it is the first piece of the "Personal Mastery Program" offered by Chestnut Paes Enneagram Academy. 

No fieldwork is required for a Certification of Completion. Fieldwork is required for those participating in Personal Mastery Program.

Continuing Education Hours are offered for psychotherapists with specific degrees through a California-based professional organization.