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Enneagram Master Practitioner

Based In: Randers C 8900 Denmark

Accredited Instructors:
  • Helen H Nielsen
  • Helena Protopapas
Training Program Description:

Program Structure:

The education runs over 2 years, with 22 modules in all, – including exam and certification.

Each module lasts two days.

There is approx. 1 month between the modules. Students are expected to train in groups approx. 4 hours between each module.

The education (22 modules of 16 hours, 66 days) = 352 hours + 20 training sessions of 3 hours = 60 hours.

In all 450 hours incl. assignments and 25 logged sessions with change work.

Place: Denmark's EnneagramSkole®, 8900 Randers C.
Program spans 2 years and is offered every 2 years

There are no pre-requisites; this program provides a comprehensive Enneagram education.

Certificate of Completion if opting out of the Examination and Certification Module

Enneagram Master Practitioner Certification upon successful completion of Training Program including the Examination and Certification Module.

neagram Master Practitioner Certification: The Examination and Certification Module comprises:
1) a written examination of 3 hours duration;
2) a 20 minute verbal examination;
3) a practical task working with change which takes 60 minutes;
4) a 10-page written assignment on Enneagram strategies, completed during the course and handed in no later than the start of module 20.

A log book of 25 completed Enneagram change sessions must be handed in at the start of module 20. If the results are satisfactory the student will receive an examination certificate and an approved certification, that enables the student to work with other people.