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Accredited Instructors:
  • Maria Jose Munita
  • Mario Sikora
  • Tamer Zanaty
Training Program Description:

"Module 2: Going Deeper," dives deeper into the ATA Enneagram. It covers the nine Core Qualities (deeper dimensions of the psyche that help shape the expression of the personality styles), the nine Accelerators for enhancing growth, and the ATA Developmental Charts for each of the 27 subtypes. This module also includes an introduction to the ATA Skillful Action Model, a set of twelve competencies based on the Enneagram that lead to personal and professional growth. Module 2 focuses on Authenticity, helping participants become aware of--and take control of--their deep inner narratives to create change (and help their clients do the same).

Interactive Components:

Live session small-group breakout sessions

Independent small group sessions.

Independent assignments


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