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Enneagram Applications Training and Certification Program

Sponsored By AP: Lynda Roberts

Based In:

Accredited Instructors:
  • Lynda Roberts
  • Nan Henson
Training Program Description:

This program consists of two 3.5-day sessions occurring approximately 4-8 weeks apart with "homework" in between. The program is offered in Atlanta, GA twice a year. While not required, it is strongly recommended that participants have a previous knowledge of the Enneagram either through reading or preferably through at least an introductory workshop.

This program provides a solid Enneagram foundation to support participants' use and application of the Enneagram in their life and work.

  • Module 1 provides participants a deep and thorough foundation and understanding of the Enneagram as a system and powerful tool. Resources for taking your understanding and personal practice to more meaningful and effective levels will be a central part of the program. Areas that will be explored in Module 1 include History and Origins of the Enneagram, Essence and Ego Personality, Centers of Intelligence, the Nine Archetypes of the Enneagram, Riso-Hudson Levels of Development, and the Inner Dynamics of the Enneagram.
  • Module 2 focuses on even deeper understandings to support your application of the Enneagram in your life and in your work. Especially geared towards Therapists, Counselors,Coaches, Spiritual Directors, etc., Module 2 will include an exploration of the Instinctual Variants, Social Styles and Inner Critic, Centers work, Conflict Styles, Object Relations, Successful Typing and Interpreting Enneagram Assessments, Tips, Tools, and Exercises to help your clients and groups on their own growth journey, EnneaTypes as Enneagram Professionals, Providing Support for Each EnneaType, and Guidance for Ongoing Learning.

Participants engage in this program as a cohort of about 12-15 people who participate together in both modules. It has been a very rich and rewarding experience for both of the cohorts we've had go through the program so far. Participants are staying in touch with one another and even finding ways of working together in a variety of ways. We are also creating an ongoing "community" of graduates with a private Facebook group.
We provide information about IEA including the IEA Ethical Guidelines and Accreditation. Many in our latest cohort are very interested in and excited about becoming Accredited Professionals.

Interactive Components:

Inquiry exercises in breakout groups with large group debriefs; panels; meditation and sensing practices