Based In: Charlotte NC United States

Training Program Description:

This program is sponsored by IEA Accredited Professional: Anne Geary.

This program is taught in (3) multiple events | 60 hours.

The Enneagram Approach Professional Training Program:

When: January 17-19, 2020 March 20-22, 2020 June 16-18, 2020 Where: Charlotte, NC Repeat: Tentatively planned for the fall.

This program provides a specialized focus on a specific Enneagram approach/application.

The Enneagram Approach™

The Enneagram Approach Training is designed for those who want to effectively apply the Enneagram's power in their personal and professional lives. During this three part series, participants will gain deep insights into the full spectrum of human consciousness, strategies for development, methods of self-observation and a clear feel for the inner world of each type.

The Enneagram Approach is a groundbreaking process that integrates the Enneagram Theory with The Twelve Steps creating a powerful and pragmatic process of transformation.

This program provides a certificate.

63 Continuing Education Credits are approved by the American Psychological Association.

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