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Confusion to Clarity: Leveraging The Enneagram | Expand Awareness, Empathy, Compassion & Appreciation

Sponsored By AP: Danielle T Fanfair

Based In: Houston Texas 77008 United States

Accredited Instructors:
  • Danielle T Fanfair
Training Program Description:

The Goals and objectives of this program:
1) Provide a complete, comprehensive and safe use of the Enneagram in various systems, be they personal or professional.
2) Teach sound practices for deep ongoing engagement of the Enneagram in ways that expand and elevate the consciousness of each individual for use in professional settings as the instructor.
3) Address a growing need for sound, actionable, practical strategies to understand and dismantle unconscious bias, othering and exclusion and instead leverage the wisdom of the Enneagram to cultivate environments that are inclusive, respectful and appreciative of all people groups and welcome the value and contributions of historically excluded communities.

Interactive Components:

This training program will be offered quarterly throughout the year, both in-person and at United States and international retreat locations.