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Journeying with the Enneagram

Sponsored By AP: Chelsea Forbrook

Based In: Minneapolis Minnesota 55406 United States

Accredited Instructors:
  • Chelsea Forbrook
Training Program Description:

We will apply The Work of the Enneagram to our everyday lives: to the challenges that arise in our jobs, families, relationships, and even mundane practical matters. We need not be frustrated by these challenges arising. They do not get in the way of The Work. They are The Work. We don’t need to cut ourselves off from the world and join a monastery to gain deeper peace and freedom. With the proper guidance, community support, and ongoing practice of Compassion and Presence, we can become more whole and happy human beings right in the midst of our messy lives.

We will use the incredible book “The Wisdom of the Enneagram” by Don Riso and Russ Hudson as a map for our journey. The path they have laid out is, I believe, divinely inspired wisdom that takes the reader's mind, heart, and body through immense transformation if the reader is willing to do The Work in community. The length of this course will allow us to digest this dense material in bite-sized pieces so that we can truly integrate this knowledge into our Being, instead of just zipping through and memorizing useless facts.

Interactive Components:

On Zoom. It is a 10 month course divided into 2 semesters. I start a new cohort of people every 5 months. (I'm starting my 5th cohort this September, 4 cohorts have already completed the program)


This program is for both beginners and seasoned Enneagram enthusiasts. The only prerequisite is that they fill out a "readiness assessment survey" (where I ask about current life challenges, any addictions, why they want to take this course now, etc.) After the survey, people meet with me to talk it over, and I use this time to get a sense of their level of health/development. If they are in the unhealthy levels, I refer people out to treatment, 12 step groups, and therapy. I only admit people who have stable enough egos to handle this level of work.