Sponsored By AP: Alberto Peña Chavarino

Based In:

Accredited Instructors:
  • Alberto Peña Chavarino
  • Ana Millán Delgado
  • Cristina Moreno Bayo
  • Rafael Martinez
Training Program Description:

The goals and objectives of this program are focused on the learners be able to help other people to change for the better, achieve their personal and professional goals as well as accompany them to overcome their difficulties through the enneagram as a model and process that can integrate other disciplines such as strategic brrief therapy and coaching (ICF model)

Interactive Components:

The program is structured in 5 blocks: 1 per month.Each block is made up of video classes and notes in the virtual classroom, a weekly class of two hours, a practicalexercise with classmates lasting approximately 40 minutes throughout the week.In addition there are 2 extra classes in the middle and end of the course


To access this specialization program it is necessary to have a previous knowledge of the Enneagram of a minimum of 100 hours training with any professional acredited teacher.