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Enneagram Instructor Course

Based In: Kwai Chung 999077 Hong Kong

Accredited Instructors:
  • Ip Wai Keung
Training Program Description:

Committed to providing professional Enneagram courses, allowing participants to apply the Enneagram in different aspects of life and at different stages of life.

Interactive Components:

1) Teaching at the my centre
2) 1 class per year

Session 3 contents: Enneagram development history, TFA mode understanding of Enneagram and subtypes, understanding of BB temperament and Enneagram development, self-growth integration and disintegration of each model .

Session 4 contents: Recognize the "healthy" and "unhealthy" states of each model, and recognize the mental illnesses and personality disorders that develop in the unhealthy state of the Enneagram.

Session 5 contents: Behavioral growth policy for each model, NLP cognitive system changes talk about personal growth, Personal Growth from Choice Theory, Carl Jung's Collective Subconscious and Archetype, The Concept of Carl Jung's Self, Anima, Animas, Shadows, Persona, Talk about
personal growth from "Tao" and "Tai Chi", Personal Growth from "Religion" and "Symbols", Talking


To take the Instructor course, you must take the Practitioner courses