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MODULE 3: Advanced Enneagram and Coaching Concepts/Train the Trainer

Based In: Abington PA United States of America

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Training Program Description:

This program is taught once a year, location to be announced, 5 Days/40 hours.

Module 3 introduces more-advanced aspects of the Enneagram—the Core Qualities and Accelerators—and equips the attendees to develop these qualities in themselves. Attendees are then provided with tools for integrating all the elements of the Awareness to Action Approach in their work on themselves of with others by learning how to apply the ATA Diagnostic and Remedial Charts. They also taught how to use the ATA 360, an online 360-degree assessment that measures the twelve competencies of the ATA Leadership Model. Finally, participants learn how to and practice developing short programs teaching the principles of the Awareness to Action Approach.

Prerequisite for this program is Module 1 of the ATA program. This program provides a comprehensive Enneagram education and a specialized focus on a specific Enneagram approach or application. This program provides a Certificate upon Completion. It also includes Independent Projects: Using the 360 ATA and developing a client action plan; Designing and delivering a short presentation in public.

Graduates are eligible for consideration to the Awareness to Action International licensing program.