EnneaGrammar LIVE — “It's About Time”
A closer look at the types’ “orientation to time”
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Started:  Mon Sep 12, 2022 02:00 PM CET 03:00 PM CET

Event description

On the first event, September 12:th, we will be talking about the types’ “orientation to time”. With some teachers, this features strongly as part of type descriptions. Others share some thoughts around it but don’t make it into a big thing — and a lot of teachers do not mention it at all. The curious thing, though, is that there are several different takes on this feature. For instance, some describe Threes as oriented to the future, whereas others describe the same type as past-oriented; some describe Sixes as future-oriented while others say Sixes are focusing on the present. So, what gives? Is there any truth to any of it, and if so, is one perspective wrong? Both? Neither?

This is one example where brief snippets of teachings, lists of traits, and other cheat-sheet formatted type descriptions can be confusing and give rise to misunderstandings — so it’s a perfect topic for us to tackle in our first episode, entitled “It’s About Time”. If you want to join us for that — please do, it’ll be fun! 😊 — just register here.