Conversation with my teacher
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Started:  Mon Aug 30, 2021
Ended: Mon Dec 20, 2021 08:00 PM CET 09:30 PM CET

Event description

This is an extraordinary opportunity for you to join Flemming Christensen and Russ Hudson in 5 inspirational workshops LIVE online.

In our perspective, you are a teacher every day. When doing your shopping at the grocery, collaborating with your colleague and clients and when you are playing with your child. People never do what we say, they always do what we do, so every day you are teaching others to be present like you, to listen like you do and to create a meaningful life like you do.

If you are working with the Enneagram both for your own personal growth and development and in a role as an Enneagram-teacher or an Enneagram-coach, some part of you know how important it is to stay true to the original teaching of the Enneagram. It is that part of you I am inviting to participate in this ongoing training with Russ Hudson during his monthly online LIVE workshops hosted by THINK ABOUT IT.

We call the format of the workshops “Conversation with my teacher” as a metaphor for both the conversation Flemming Christensen will be having with his teacher Russ Hudson on behalf of other teachers and the conversation with a teacher, who has been studying the lineage of the Enneagram, and today being the teacher of many teachers.

All the workshops are designed to give you 5 months path of deepening your understanding of the Enneagram and the way you want to model the teachings of the Enneagram.

You might not be an Enneagram-teacher or Enneagram-coach, but because you are teaching every day just by doing what you do, this initiative can be used as a reminder to be the person you want to be.