Our Best Man
Exploring the 9 Ways of Being a Man through Literature, Film and Community
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Started:  Thu Jan 06, 2022
Ended: Thu May 19, 2022 06:30 PM PT 08:30 PM PT

Event description

The Nine Types of Men in Literature, Film and Community:
Experience how all types of men show us how we can be our best man and more fully hu-man.
Each type’s focus and dynamics may provide wisdom on what supports or thwarts our own development as men.
We may find benefit in being in right measure with our own way and the ways of other healthy men,
and then find our way closer to Being Our Best Man...

- in integrity and good humor, like Type 1 Idealists
- resourceful and humble, like Type 2 Connectors
- effective and truthful, like Type 3 Performers
- sensitive to all and authentic, like Type 4 Romantics
- wise in experience and accessible, like Type 5 Observers
- consciously loyal and courageous, like Type 6 Loyalists
- accepting, patient and expansive, like Type 7 Epicures
- vulnerable, strong and magnanimous, like Type 8 Protectors
- empathic, reflective and directive, like Type 9 Mediators

At Enneagram Portland, we believe deep learning and change happens over time and in continuous community. Discover the universal themes accessible and applicable to us all on the journey of being men.  Expand your community of friends who talk type, character development, arts, literature, men and modern masculinity.  This is a course on The Humanities and Being a Man, using the Nine Types as its foundation and direction.


If you're tired or wired from talking heads and endless enneagram theory,

and what you want is meaningful exploration with others interested in character and development,

this is a program for you.


Men from all walks of life find this curriculum a most worthwhile experience.  They will tell you so. 

Facilitated by Dale Rhodes, M.S., M.A. cert. Enneagram/MBTI. Visit the website to find out more: EnneagramPortland.com