An Introduction to Deep Coaching
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Starts: Mon Oct 05, 2020 08:30 AM PT
Ends: Mon Oct 05, 2020 10:30 AM PT

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INSTRUCTORS: Diana Redmond and Marcia Hyatt
DATES:  Mondays October 5 thru November 16, 2020
TIMES: 8:30AM to 10:30AM PDT

SESSIONS: Seven two-hour highly interactive virtual sessions. All sessions are recorded for later review.

Approved for 12 ICF CCE Units.


*Your program cost can be applied toward full tuition for the Deep Coaching Certification Program.

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We have expanded our Introductory Course for those interested in a working knowledge of the Arrows, or Access Points, that make up the dynamic growth patterns of each Type. These three optional sessions will meet once a week for three weeks starting November 23 and ending December 7.

The three additional sessions cost $125 if purchased with the Introductory 7-session course, for a total cost of $420.

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Curious about Deep Coaching? Take a seven-week virtual dive into the heart of coaching. Get a taste of the wisdom within the Enneagram and experience the power of embodied coaching presence.

Join Diana Redmond and Marcia Hyatt for a virtual interactive course and learn how to coach by accessing the clients’ embodied intelligence. Learning will take place through exercises, recorded interviews of DCI-trained coaches talking about the coaching implications of their Enneatype, practice, dialogue and demonstrations. This course provides coaches, and others in the growth professions, with remarkable insight into the inner experience of their clients and more importantly themselves. When we begin to understand what is beyond specific personality patterns, we see and coach to the highest potential of each person.

Through this course you will:

Be introduced to the Enneagram as a means of understanding human nature and for deepening your coaching practice
Discover personal gifts and challenges relative to your coaching skills
Develop compassion and appreciation for client’s and coach’s individual processes and perceptions
Identify one or two specific actions that will enhance your professional practice
Learn to coach using full embodied intelligence
This course is designed for people experienced in the growth professions including: executive coaches, life coaches, organizational consultants, therapists and spiritual directors.

Approved for 12 ICF CCE Units.

The Dynamic Process of Growth: Exploring the Enneagram Lines
We’ve added three two-hour sessions to the Introduction Course. These sessions are designed to give Enneagram students a working knowledge of the Arrows or Access Points that make up the dynamic growth patterns of each Type. DCI’s unique approach to the Access Points will be introduced and explored. In each Session we will delve into three Types and their unique growth opportunities through facilitated dialogue and individual and group experiences. Participants will appreciate the power of integrating the Access Points into their Enneagram work. This work will also bring a new sense of compassion and understanding of how stress affects our clients and the unique capacities that are available during challenging times.


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