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Point Two: Collaboration vs “Shadow Artist”
Enneagram & Creativity Series with Russ Hudson hosted by Catherine Bell
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  • Russ Hudson
Start date:  Mon Jan 17, 2022 12:00 PM ET 01:30 PM ET

Event description

Collaboration can be a huge component in the creative process—getting in synch with another creator, or simply being inspired by others’ ideas and approaches.  Julia Cameron, the author of “The Artist’s Way,” a great guide to creativity, taught extensively about the importance of creative clusters—working with others who are not even necessarily in the same creative field produces an atmosphere and support system for our creativity. At the same time, our over-focus on others and inability to give time and attention to our own pursuits can sandbag many creative impulses. We will look at some examples of Two energy in music, film, and visual art, and consider the ways that Two energy opens us to rich and dynamic give and take in the creative process or endlessly distracts us away into dealing with others’ issues and drama.

After the 60 minute talk, there will be approximately 30 minutes for question and answer.