Conversation with my teacher - November 2020
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  • Flemming Christensen
  • Russ Hudson
Starts: Tue Nov 24, 2020 08:00 PM CET
 09:30 PM CETVenue Name: 

Event description

Why is it so hard to move up the levels in the Enneagram?


It seems like there is a natural plateau for your personal growth around level four/three in the Levels of Development. Why is that and how do your move beyond level four/three and how do you guide others to take that journey into presence? Your will be guided by Russ Hudson and Flemming Christensen to understand why we encounter this natural plateau, how it can be helpful to stand on the plateau and re-orientate your effort and how to continue with a new mindset and new practices. When you understand this deeper and inner dynamic of the Enneagram, you will also find a deeper maturation in your own practices and use of the Enneagram.

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