Fri Aug 01, 2003

2003 IEA Global Conference Presentation

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Presenter: Jennifer Schneider

When injury or illness results in chronic pain, the results are often a major change in the person’s wellbeing, career, relationships, and independence. To learn what the particular challenges are for various personality types, Jennifer Schneider interviewed 65 patients who were being treated in her pain management practice. The Enneatype of each person was determined (with the help of Ron Corn, a Palmer-certified Enneagram teacher) and they were then asked a series of questions about how their chronic pain problem has affected their life, what were their biggest difficulties, and how they have learned to cope. This session will describe the results.

Jennifer Schneider is a physician specializing in internal medicine, addiction medicine, and management of chronic pain. She has presented before at IEA on Enneagram type and addiction recovery. You can reach her atand at .