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Life Purpose with Ingrid Stabb

Teaching “Strengths Finder Meets the Enneagram” since 1995, Ingrid Stabb is Hay House's newest author on Life Purpose (2025) and HarperCollins author on The Career With You (2010). Ingrid is offering a small number of 1:1 career strategy sessions over Zoom.

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How to Engage in Nature-Based Enneagram Soul Work: Free Session March 14, 1-2pm EST

Join Ben Campbell and the Wild Enneagram Community for this free session. Themes include:
How to reclaim your innate wildness, Clarifying identity & soul purpose, and Nature-based Enneagram invitations for modern life

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"Nine Prayers of the Soul"

“Nine Prayers of the Soul,” a new release from musicians of the Institute for Conscious Being, offers original compositions based on nine prayers written by Dr. Joseph Howell in the book - Becoming Conscious: The Enneagram’s Forgotten Passageway

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New Nine-Week Online Immersion with Julie Harris! March 23-May 23, 2024

Learn how to integrate aspects of yourself from all three points rather than endlessly circling around the fixated qualities of each type. Come work together toward individual and group emergence through a unique blend of theory and practice.

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Enneagram Certification Program in Conscious Living

Russ Hudson & Jessica Dibb’s comprehensive, year-long interdisciplinary program offering unparalleled teachings, rigorous academic study, and transformative experiential practices including 24 special guest faculty sessions.

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The Enneagram for Recovery Workshop- for People in Recovery to grow using the Enneagram

We will learn & apply one Enneagram tool per Step based on my book The Enneagram for Recovery

Plenty of time for participation

Tuesdays Mar 26-June 11, 2024 5-6:30pm Pacific

12 Week course $180

Sign Up! EnneagramJenn@gmail.com

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