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We welcome any feedback about IEA Nine Points, and we especially appreciate if you can share details about what works for you and what doesn’t.

About the Content

Articles are posted by IEA Professional Members and the IEA Nine Points editor. The content of members’ articles is entirely the responsibility of the member. If you have concerns, we encourage you to contact them directly. Or if you’d like to respond, we encourage you to submit an article yourself. This helps make IEA Nine Points the place for Enneagram news and insights on the web.

IEA Library features conference sessions and journal articles. All IEA members have access to the journals and conference recordings that are more than 5 years old. Only conference attendees have access to conference recordings 5 or fewer years old.

Both audio and video recordings of conference sessions are accessed as streaming videos, with audio-only sessions showing just a title card. Streaming requires an internet connection.

If you are having problems streaming a session, please send specific details about the problem you are having:

  • Which session are you looking at?
  • What is happening that is different from what you expect?
  • Are you getting an error message?

And so on. Providing us with of these details expedites troubleshooting.

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Phone Number for the IEA office: +1 (513) 232-5054

Email is recommended for technical troubleshooting, so that the right people can be cc-ed. Fill out the form below