Dr. David A. Rapkin channeling “Monocles” interviewed by Gayle Scott

During this presentation, Dr. David Rapkin will be channeling Monocles, a nonphysical collective entity or consciousness, who has the clarity and capacity to witness and illuminate deep intuitions that many of us have about the underlying nature and purpose of the Enneagram.

Monocles will be interviewed by Gayle Scott and will engage in Q&A with the audience. In past meetings and workshops, Monocles has shared the idea that the Enneagram itself is a`calling card’of a higher dimensional consciousness that is inviting people to commune with it. Exploring this realm can open us to a profound and transformative understanding of the motivation and the methods by which we create our own life experience. Monocles’core excitement in communicating with us is helping us become more conscious creators of our own reality.

Monocles’presentations can be emotionally and intellectually challenging. They often guide us in exploring Enneagram-based preferences and choices made at deep levels of consciousness – areas of personality functioning that are not ordinarily available to inquiry and have yet to be revealed in traditional Enneagram teachings. For example, Monocles has approached the topic of fixations and other addictions as representing one’s unconscious decisions to manifest opportunities to experience compelling aesthetic preferences that are of intense”exploratory interest”to the self.

In sessions with Monocles people often discover and directly experience the unconscious motivating pleasure and fulfillment behind the habitual creation of drama and difficulties they have conditioned themselves to believe they’re trying to avoid or are afflicted by. These teachings are sometimes offered conversationally and sometimes through the use of guided imagery and meditation.

Please arrive on time to this session with an open mind and a willingness to participate.

David A. Rapkin, Ph.D., is a clinical and health psychologist and organizational consultant who lives and practices in Los Angeles, California. He began exploring various spiritual traditions as a teenager and was introduced to the Enneagram in the early 1990s by Michael Goldberg. Dr. Rapkin was exposed to “trance channeling”in the early 1980s. In 1986 he took a class given by a Los Angelesbased teacher, Shawn Randall, whose entity specializes in teaching other people to channel. Over the years,”Monocles”has explicated an elaborate cosmology and metaphysical and spiritual system, the purpose of which appears to be assisting people in awakening to their roles as creators of their realities, increasing their capacity to grow from situations they unconsciously choose, and developing skills to consciously manifest inner experience and outer circumstances.

Dr. Rapkin is a graduate of Columbia College/Columbia University (B.A., 1972) and of UCLA (M.A., 1974, and Ph.D., 1984), where his dissertation research focused on psychological preparation for cancer surgery. His clinical practice includes humanistically-oriented depth psychotherapy, guided imagery and hypnosis with adult individuals and couples and with people and their families dealing with significant health issues such as pain, HIV-AIDS and cancer from the time of diagnosis through death and dying. His approach to organizational consulting emphasizes interactions between conscious task-related behavior and unconscious group dynamics and is informed by his studies of the Enneagram. Dr. Rapkin has served in a variety of roles in professional organizations, including the Southern California Chapter of the IEA.

David Rapkin
Gayle Scott


2005 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco, California, USA

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